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The Bushkill Steering Committee has made great strides in their efforts to stop gang violence in their community already and on this page we will share them.
We also hope to share ideas and information about the many benefits in the community as well.

Community Empowerment Event on August 27,2005

A healing service honoring Christopher's life was held on Saturday, August 27th at the Fernwood Resort in Bushkill, Pennsylvania. The service provided Christopher's classmates and neighbors in the Bushkill community with a Memorial event and the kick-off to efforts to curtail the start of youth violence activities in the area.

Over 300 people attended the event, which was hosted by Yvette Keitt (widely regarded as Christopher's second mother in his Pennsylvania home) and by Gail Francis, Wayne Bolt and Denise Hilton. Fernwood Resorts of USA, local businesses and area residents sponsored the event.

The Event was deemed a resounding success on four fronts:

1. Many of the young people in attendance pledged to drop their gang flags and to disassociate themselves from ganga and gang members by signing a contract developed by the Pocono Mountain Community Empowerment Committee (PMCEC) in conjunction with Christopher's sister, Xamayla Rose.

2. The local school district, local businesses and elected officials, lead by State Representative John Sipthroh confirmed their commitment to working with and supporting the establishment of a youth center for the community.

3. Over 61 young people publicly gave their hearts to the Lord and received salvation at the event. Souls were saved.

4. The Bushkill community was healed by putting Christopher to rest in his Pennsylvania home.

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